Bike Sizing Chart


Bikes vary in shape and size and may not follow the below recommendations, but in general, bike sizes shown below will fit the specified rider's height.

Bike sizes are based on inseam (length of leg from heel to groin), estimated from rider's height.

Rider Height Inseam Mountain bike (26" wheel) Road bike (700mm wheel)
6'3" 90cm 22" (XXL) 61cm (XXL)
6'1" 87cm 21" (XL) 59cm (XL)
5'10" 83cm 19" (L) 56cm (L)
5'7" 80cm 17" (M) 54cm (M)
5'4" 76cm 16" (S) 51cm (S)
5'1" 73cm 14" (XS) 49cm (XS)
4'10" 71cm 13 (XS) 47cm (XXS)
below 4'10" 24" wheel (juvenile) or 20" wheel (child) bike